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Caleb J Migombo, M.Div., MSW, MFT Cert; ACSW is the director and founder of Counseling and Consulting Services (CCS). He is the primary Faith-based Counselor, behavioral health, Risk Assessment, and Quality  Assurance Consultant at CCS.  

Caleb holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Andrews University Theological Seminary and Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Georgia. He also holds professional training certificates in Marriage and Family Therapy, Human Resource, Staff Development and Training, and Organizational Leadership. He has over 19 years of combined Organizational and Ministerial Leadership, Program Management, Quality Assurance,  Mental Health and Family Counseling experience. Caleb is a member in several professional organization including: The American Association of Christian Counselors, Academy Certified Social Worker, International Association of Adventist Social Worker, National Association of Social Worker, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and American Society for Quality (ASQ). Caleb is also, a PhD candidate in Counseling Theology at Trinity Theological Seminary.

As behavioral health and pastoral counseling  professional, Caleb believes that spiritual, emotional, social, and physical health are intertwined and they all play a crucial role in healing and self-awareness of individual and/or family. In his practice, he walks non-judgmentally with clients as they work out who they are, why they feel the way they do, and where God is.  When clients are at difficult places in life, he lends support as they figure out what’s going on and find healthy ways to cope.  In couples counseling, as a sort of marriage coach, he provides a safe space where spouses work through mutual hurts, practice healthy communication, and rebuild their relationships. 

Whether working with young adults, singles, married couples, and/or immigrants’ families, Caleb listens and encourages. He pays close attention to the pain that comes with broken relationships, life transitions, grief and loss, loneliness, anxiety, depression, illness, abuse, and crossroads in one’s faith. 

Please give Caleb a call, if you are looking for a counselor who can discuss your problems and goals from a religious frame of reference. As pastoral counselor, Caleb seeks to integrate your values and beliefs into the counseling process. He sees your faith in God not as a problem or a symptom, but rather as a conviction to be respected and incorporated into the therapeutic dialogue. 

His office is faith affirming and welcoming without violating the confidentiality of counseling process. The atmosphere is cozy and there's always hot and cold drink ready for you.
Give Caleb a call today and see if CGS could be for you. May God keep you and bless you and your family!